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Touché Films is a Digital Media Publisher and a rising production company, home to Youtube’s has 20 million subscribers,  its team’s passion and talent has enabled them to enroll in projects with renowned content creators and large brands. Despite being a young production company, Touché Films has already produced sketches, series, medium-length films, advertisement and its first feature film, scheduled to be premiered this year. The expertise of our screenwriters covers the creation of pop culture characters widely known and beloved by the audience, like the notorious Chichico. Enchufe’s humor thrived in advertisement as well, our Sponsor model has created powerful and engaging campaigns for numerous global brands.

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Content Strategy

There is no foolproof strategy to foster social media engagement, but there are always ways to make a brand compelling, fun, close and, most of all, shareable. This year we are presenting our Branded Entertainment products, original content and web series for brands that encourage organic views.


Audience and reach is the #1 channel for comedy sketches in spanish, with 20 million subscribers in YouTube and a 33 million total social media reach. This reach allows us to offer results for views, clicks, leads and also interesting numbers for audience migration.


Top production

Touché Films offers not only the drafting and conceptualization of cutting-edge ideas,  first class production and finishing of pieces specialized for digital media, but a driven team, eager to present creative and pioneering storytelling.


Influencer Marketing

We are home to a wide network of influencers, familiar with the needs of brands and, at the same time, able to create content true to their fandom.


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Humor is serious business. When done with commitment and wit, it crosses borders. Touché Films, the production company behind, produces digital content and advertisement seen all over Latin America. Let us know your questions or needs through our contact form or the email addresses below:


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Yes, send us your application through your college or university, we don’t offer internships directly. Any applicant must attach a letter from his/her university to their application attesting this working experience would be valuable for their education. We believe internships should reinforce the knowledge and skills you gain in your path towards a degree.